Water Filter Reviews

Looking for a countertop, pitcher, portable, faucet, under sink and RO water filter reviews? You are in the right place. Read what we thing about the current water filtration systems that are available in the market or 2019.

Water Filtration System Why you should have one - ACW

Water Filtration System: Why you Should Have One?

Having a water filtration system at home can promote a positive physical and mental health and protect the environment. Post by Martina T: Martina is an experience pastry maker but also a water filter expert. Looking after her little kids has become easier after deciding to move everything at home ...
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Zero Water Filter review ACW

Zero Water Filter Pitcher Review

Zero Water filter is one such product that claims to give you a 000 reading on dissolved solids in the filtered water. No one can deny the fact that health is the biggest wealth you can have. This is why it makes sense to look for a good water filtering ...
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Best water filter for beginners

Best Water Filter: An Introduction for Beginners with FAQ

Before you decide to improve the quality of the water you drink, you need to know the basics of what the best water filter systems are and what can do for you. Can you imagine a world with no access to clean water? Life on earth would not exist and ...
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Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher has everything that you are looking for in a good filter. It works great as a fluoride and lead filter pitcher. As the water pollution is rising serious alarms, with several pollutants like lead, fluoride, and chloride finding their way into drinking water systems, it is ...
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Sawyer Mini Water Filter Review ACW

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Review

Sawyer Mini is a portable filtration system designed with the active lifestyle in mind and ideal to have in your camping backpack. The Sawyer water filter is a portable unit designed specifically for the outdoors. It doesn’t remove as many pollutants as other syringe-style filters such as the Etekcity Water ...
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Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review ACW

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review

The Katadyn Pocket is a versatile portable water filter designed with longevity and reliability in mind. Katadyn Pocket is a portable water filter designed for the adventurers. Simple construction and functionality allow you to filter untreated water even when you don’t have access to a secure water source. To get ...
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Lifestraw Go 2 Stage Portable Water Filter review

Lifestraw Go Portable Water Filter Review

Lifestraw Go is a survival water filtration system designed to provide clean drinking water in outdoor or emergency conditions. The Lifestraw Go 2 stage water filter is a product dedicated to hikers, survivalists, military personnel, and everyone else who might find themselves in the situation of drinking water from a ...
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Etekcity Water Filter review

Etekcity Water Filter Review: Portable Straw

Etekcity water filter straw is a portable filtration system ideal for most camping and backpacking applications. The Etekcity water filter is a straw-type portable filter designed for backpacking trips or survival camping. It has a compact design and is compatible with most water bottles and hydration packs, giving you a ...
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Apec Water WFS 1000 3 stage under sink water filter

APEC WFS 1000 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter Review

The APEC WFS 1000 has been engineered with the idea to provide quality water through a three (3) stage water filtering process. Free drinking water, the creator of the APEC WFS 1000, designed and assembled this unique three (3) stage under sink water filter for big families. Let us walk ...
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Culligan FM 25 Faucet water filter review - ACW

Culligan FM 25 Faucet Mount Filter Review

The Culligan FM 25 is small and purely designed to provide tasty water for cooking and drinking. If you are searching for an effective faucet filter, the Culligan FM 25 is among the top on tap rated water filter models you should consider. It is very easy to install and ...
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