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CuZn UC 200 Under Counter Water Filter Review

The CuZn UC 200 is another 3-stage under counter water filter system.

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Not sure yet if this is the right filter for your home? Read this review and see what this under counter water filtration system will do to deliver the water you expect.

CuZn UC 200 Technical Aspects

In this review, you will find what are the most important considerations you may need to have in mind before even thinking buying this cooper zinc under sink water filter.

As you may find in other of our guides and reviews, we always say that it is essential you understand what requirements any water filter needs for a correct operation:

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The CuZn UC 200 is an under sink water filter made in USA. It is capable of filtering up to 50K gallons of municipal water.

The filter will be able to deliver water with great taste as it removes a lot of common contaminants that are always present in potable water.

Being one of the most selected and preferable water filters currently in the market, rest assure the filter will not disappoint.

There’s an optional five (5) stage reverse osmosis attachment, which will also remove TDS contaminants; this will be reviewed in the reverse osmosis water filter section at a later stage.

What to Consider before Buying the CuZn UC-200 Water Filter

So, let’s discuss what pollutants can be removed, filter characteristics, operation and maintenance the CuZn UC 200 water filter can do for you.

Pollutants Removed:

It will filter out pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, and herbicides. It also filters out heavy metals such as lead and micro particulates. In addition to this, the CuZn water filter will lower your water’s chlorine content, something that is commonly found in municipal waters.

This filter removes:

  • Heavy metals such as Cr6+, lead, cooper, zinc, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and others.
  • Herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.
  • Bacteria and some micro particles.

Filters and Process:

Filtration media for the UC 200This under counter water filter consist of three (3) main filters:

  • Micro sediment membrane: this is where the first process of filtration occurs. It will remove any undissolved particles such as fine sand. This is very important to protect the other to filter media.
  • KDF-55 (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion): this is the second stage. This is where electron’s exchange happens and removes heavy metals, chlorine, H2S and bacteria growth from the water.
  • Coconut shell activated carbon: the third and final stage will comprise a high abortion capacity; this filter will remove mainly but not limited to semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Lastly, the UC 200 water filter lifespan will be 5 years, or if you reach 50000 gallons of treated water.

Operation & Maintenance:

This filter is rated to remove a truly impressive 50,000 gallons. That’s more than any other filter we have reviewed, by a long shot.

CuZn UC 200 under counter water filter instalation - WFSPlease be aware that this cooper zinc filter has not been designed to remove pollutant from water that comes from private wells. If you require this to happen, CuZn has a RO version available (we will review it later 🙂 ).

Water sourced from a private well has different minerals and properties that only a specific filter can treat.

It allows enough water flow (2 GPM) that you won’t even notice you’re using a filter.

Always, do some random tests to ensure the filter is still working as expected or if you detect a change in taste or color.

The CuZn UC 200 installs on the back wall of your cabinet using a bracket that’s included in shipping. Changing filters involves changing the entire cylinder. This is a pain, but we haven’t gone through 50,000 gallons yet.

The Flip Side:

Even though, this CuZn UC 200 under counter water filter has a high demand and good popularity, there are some points that can be improved:

  • Filter: yes, its lifespan is very high (5 years within optimal conditions), however when the time comes to replace the filter, you will have to buy and replace the whole filtering unit.
  • Fluoride: it can remove a small percentage of fluoride but not enough to consider this to happen.
  • Hot water: as most filters, this one was designed to operate and filter cold water, not hot. Hot water can help to develop other type of contaminants such as calcium at your faucet.
  • Under sink space: the unit is considered as a medium size filter (15.5″ h x 4″ d), which could be problematic for small kitchens.
  • Plumbing: as stated above, the filter is manufactured in the USA; this means, the plumbing characteristics will fit with the U.S specification and most likely not for other countries like UK.

Lastly, it may not be a point for improvement but it is known that you could have some white particles or cloudiness coming out from the filter. It is recommended to contact customer service to find a solution for it.

Sometimes it could be as a result of a combination of other water system treatments (such as softeners) that change the water properties and later, could react with the KDF-55 media.

CuZn UC 200 Review: Final Thoughts

This under counter water filter was designed to treat any water coming from municipal waters (also known as chlorinated water).

With a filter capacity of 50000 gallons, 2 GPM and an optimal pressure of 65 psi, the system will ensure you have enough drinkable water for a big family.

Three (3) filtering steps will ensure that no heavy metals, organic and inorganic compounds are present in the water before you drink it.

The installation of the filter is fairly easy and the operation is straightforward. You will have to let some water run first so that the unit is purged before drinking your first glass.

Aside from some points to consider as improvement, the CuZn UC 200 under counter water filter is a great solution to treat your municipal water if you suffer from bad taste, odor or other contaminants present in your water.

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