About Us

Access Clean Water LogoAccess Clean Water (ACW), is the place where you will find the best water filter reviews from all type of water filtration system, such as, Water Filter Pitchers, Water Filter Faucet, Counter-Top Water Filters, Under-Sink Water Filters, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, and Portable Water Filters.

With the growing environmental problems that we are facing every day and increasing limitation when accessing to the most basic and important renewable source, water, ACW was built by a group of environmental engineers, enthusiasts and scientist who are passionate about the environment.

Most importantly, have seen that, not only a small percentage of the world’s population is fortunate to access clean water, also care about the remaining percentage of people that is not able to drink potable water.

ACW Vision!!

This website is our way to educate and guide people; those individuals that unfortunately don’t have access to potable water and need a solution or strategies to treat what ever is available in their regions.

This is not only by explaining and reviewing the benefits of using water filters and purifiers at home or office but also, by providing with different tools and techniques to improve the quality of the water we drink in our communities.

We have to work together to help the communities that are in need for quality water, for our coming generations, not only for only our present era.

Product Reviews

Access Clean WaterAt Access Clean Water, our final goal is to provide with the best and most accurate reviews of different Water Filters that is perfect for you, from portable filters to different house installation.

This way, we can advice you on the right filtration system for you and family.

Inquiries and Final Thoughts

If there is any Water Filter that is not listed on our website or if you have any questions regarding any product, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Remember, water is the only element that keeps every single organism alive. If this precious resource is continued to be contaminated, we will not be able to secure the future of our next generations.