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Propur Water Pitcher with Infused Fruit Review

 How Propur Water Pitcher is different from their competitors?

Propur water pitcher is a filtration system that provides you with the opportunity to improve the quality of the water that comes from your tap.

Other water filter pitcher brands, such as Zero Water Filter Pitcher, can enhance the quality of the water, but the this product stands out from the rest in its category, which you will find out on this review.

Propur Water Filter Specs

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Propur Water Filter Pitcher Buying Consideration

Overview of the Fruit Infused Tube

Unlike most other water filters on the same line, this pitcher comes with small container where you can add slices of fruit; what ever you like.

Propur pitcher Fruit Infused system

What I like:

  • This is something very interesting since it is a good way to change the taste of the filtered water.
  • Need alkaline water, no worries; you can add elements to improve it.

What I don’t like

  • The addition of fruits can cover the taste of the water if the filters stop working properly.
  • If you want a different taste, you might need to wash off the system to get rid off of the old taste.

I would suggest not to mix different fruits in the system to avoid drastic changes in the pH of the water.

Base on the manufacturer, the Propur fruit infused water filter pitcher can be used to treat different sourced such as rain, stream and lakes.

The above is somehow interesting, however I would have my doubts as in the effectiveness in removing some contaminants.

Setup and Operation

This pitcher has a pretty basic and less tedious setup and operation.

The main thing you have to do is to clean up each element (note that this should be done manually and not in a dishwasher) before its first use.

The Propur pitcher has five major parts:

  • The wing nut.
  • Stem filter.
  • Upper blue container.
  • external container and,
  • the fruit infused tube.

These parts all serve key purposes to ensure it works well. Here is an easy guide to set up the filter after it has been cleaned out:

  • Take off the wing nut (the screw-like object attached to the stem filter).
  • Insert the stem filter (the white tube-shaped object) inside the upper blue container (the big blue reservoir that stands out on the product pack inside the jug).
  • Join it together by screwing in the wing nut underneath.
  • Then take the fruit infused tube, add the fruit you want, and attach it to the bottom of the upper blue container.
  • After this, place the blue container into the pitcher (the main compartment) and your product is fully ready to use.

1- The manufacturer says: “you don’t need to prime the filter”. My advice is, do it. Not for the sake of the filter integrity (it is not under pressure), do it to remove any potential loose impurities left behind during the filter manufacturing.

Of course, you can choose not to use the fruit mechanism and still have your pure water, but it is an added benefit not found in other water filters jugs.

If you intend on keeping fruit in again, just turn the fruit intrusion tube clockwise to detach it and insert your fruit.

General Maintenance and Cleaning

As it is with every product, there are certain guidelines and instructions to follow so that filter pitcher is maintained correctly.

  • The pitcher should not be stored in freezing temperatures neither should it be used on a hot surface like stoves. It can be kept in a refrigerator.
  • Do not place in a dishwasher, always wash manually.
  • Never wash with soap or detergent.

To clean the Propur water pitcher, dismantle the parts once again and clean under running water without soap.

It is advisable to also use a soft sponge to scrub surfaces (the product always comes with one).

This washing should take place at least once every two (2) months, as recommended by the makers. If not properly cared for, the filter pitcher may experience a reduced speed of flow rate.

How Long Do Propur Filters Last?

A quick answer is, it can last very long, but it depends on how well maintained is.

ProOne G2.0 all in one filter mini

It is advisable that the filter get replaced after six (6) months, however if you notice a reduction in the flow rate, even when you follow all maintenance instructions, you should replace it sooner.


If your municipal water has a high level of Total Disolved Solids (TDS), the lifespam of the filter will be less than the expected by the manufacturer.

Propur Water Filter and Stages

This system comes with the ProOne G2.0 all in one filter. It may not be the most sophisticated one but it is very simple to install, use and clean.

About the Contaminants Removed by the Filter

This filter has been tested by a certified laboratory and found to be able to reduce between 90% and 99% of most contaminants in water.

This includes:

  • pesticides.
  • herbicides.
  • Total dissolve solids*.
  • Chlorine taste and (not limited to),
  • Bad odor.


High level of TDS in water can be an issue even for good filtration systems. Test you water first.

Similar to the gravity feed Berkey water filter systems, what I like most is the fact that it has been tested to reduce PFAS also, a sort of new contaminant (that has been for ages) that now is compound of concern in many countries.

Bare in mind that heavy impacted water would require a most specialized water filtration system, such as the Home Master TMHP RO.

The Filtration Stages

Well, there is not much to tell regarding the filtration stages of the ProOne G2.0. At first glance, you will imagine just a 1 stage process but in fact, it has three (3) treatment levels.

  • Pre-treatment: removal of sediments and particles.
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC – ProSorb™): removal of most contaminants mentioned before.
  • Silver infused ceramic shell: reduces bacteria growth (typical in water filters).

The Propur water pitcher is recommended for people who frequently go on camping trips.

The Downside of this Filter Pitcher

As any of the other competitors, this water jug filtration system also comes with some downsides.

One of them is the amount of time it takes for the water to be filtered. This is not a big surprise but still can be annoying.

Another factor I see that could be a deal breaker is the reduced overall storage of water after the filtration process. Yes, the fruit infused tube is a nice touch but this could be a couple of milliliters that could be used.

Lastly, if you don’t like much cleaning elements, this pitcher will take just a couple more minutes to clean the inner tube too.

Propur Water Pitcher Review Wrap Up

Not only does this product help filter water to an acceptable state, you now have the added advantage of getting water flavored.

It comes with a very easy-to-use mechanism and also functions well if the maintenance instructions are followed.

Despite of the nice innovation, it takes some time for the process to take place.

All in all, the Propur water pitcher is a product that will meet your expectations, as long as you know what you need to filter your tap water.

Images Courtesy of Propur.

Is this pitcher a product to be recommended?

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