Alexapure Pro: A Great Gravity Fed Water Filter

Alexapure Pro is undoubtedly one of the best countertop filtration systems you can come across for gravity fed water filters.

Alexapure Pro Gravity Fed Water Filter


✅ Removes over 200 water contaminants.

✅ 2.5 gallons filtered water capacity.

✅ You can add up to four (4) filters to increase the flow rate.

⊖ The residue may build up on filters faster than expected.

⊖ Only filters municipal water.

⊖ It can take a big chunk of your kitchen space if you have a little one.

Alexapure Pro Technical Aspects

Before you decide to buy a gravity fed water filter, you must ensure that you are clear on what the filtration system can do for you so that you make a wise investment, so please read this review and guide.

Main Features
Polutants Removed
Flow Rate and Water Pressure
Filters (material and life)
Water Source
Warranty and Certification
Main Features

 - It is capable of housing up to four (4) water filters, which translates into an increase of flow rate required for your family. You don't have to have the 4 filters; just think on the volume you require to filter per hour.

Polutants Removed

The pollutants removed are as follow (but not limited to):

- Heavy metals (chromium, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and others).
- Micro-organisms.
- Semi-volatile and Volatile Organic Compounds including MTBE.

- Inorganic Compounds (Chlorine, Fluoride (97%))
- Various herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceutical compounds.

Flow Rate and Water Pressure

 - Flow rate: The flow rate will depend on the number of filters added. If you decide to add four (4), then you will have a maximum of 2.25 gallons per hr, which can easily provide water to a family of 8 people or more (this is considering that an average person should drink 2 lts (0.53 gallons) per day).

 - Water Pressure: this is not applicable as the lower tank is gravity fed.

Filters (material and life)

 - Made of activated carbon with ceramic shell.

 - Lifespan of the filter is 2.5 years (5000 gallons), based on the manufacturer specifications. This could be variable depending on the initial quality of you municipal water supply.

Water Source

It is recommended to filter only tap water (municipal supply). The water coming from a private well has other characteristics that can affect the filtration process.

Warranty and Certification

 - 1 year warranty by the manufacturer.


Alexapure Pro: Background

Perfect for all households, the Alexapure Pro employs a gravity fed carbon block core water filter with ceramic shell developed to remove contaminants from all freshwater sources (only municipal supply, no private wells).

Water optimization seems trivial to many, but this concept has helped Alexapure mark themselves among the leader brands on the market.

What to Consider before Buying this Water Filter

  • Pollutants removed

Alexapure Stainless Steel Pro model - Tanks, filter and partsThe ground-breaking zeolite ion adsorption technology involved ensures the removal of the most dangerous pollutants, including heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, up to 97% of fluoride, and microorganisms.

  • Filters

Alexapure water filter comes with one certified filter capable of providing a decent water flow rate on its own. However, you can increase the flow rate by adding additional filters to the upper tank.

The system accepts up to four (4) filters at once, and in this configuration, it can filter up to 2.25 gallons per hour.

According to Alexapure, the filter has a lifespan of up to 5,000 gallons, which translates into an average of two-and-a-half years (2.5 yrs). Despite of this, have in mind that the actual lifespan of the filters depends on the water quality in your area.

  • Operation and Maintenance

Alexapure water filter operationThe Alexapure Pro Stainless Steel water filtration system is easy to operate and maintain. Look-up at these steps:

  1. Clean the stainless steel tanks (inside and outside) and the filters regularly to prevent the build-up of any foreign materials or micro-organisms (yes!, there is no way you will avoid the build-up of bio films if you don’t clean the filtration system).
  2. For the outside surface, you can use a soft cloth to remove any built-up dust.
  3. Rinse the inner surface and filters with fresh potable water before pouring the very first volume of water.
  4. After this, it is recommended to rinse also the filters from the inside by doing an initial filtering process; do not drink this water just yet.
  5. Finally, start filling up the top chamber of the Alexapure Pro using only fresh water (no-salty water), then wait a few minutes to star using your filtered water.

Lastly, timely replacement of worn out filters is essential for maintaining the quality of the water and the flow rate.

Final Thoughts

Alexapure has created an excellent gravity fed water filter that is easy to install, operate and lastly very little effort to maintain.

The state of the art carbon filters (up to four (4) cartridges for a maximum filtering process) will ensure you filtered water is safe to drink at any time.

Despite of this, keep in mind that any filter has a limit and only municipal supply (tap water) can be filtered, no water coming from a private well, which will have other physico-chemical properties that probably could clog-up your filters or reduce their lifespan.

Last but not least, assuming that you understood and read this review and guide, including the technical aspect of the Alexapure pro water filter, we are sure that it will help you make a wise decision when acquiring a great countertop water filtration system, which will translate into a good investment.

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