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Lifestraw Go Portable Water Filter Review

Lifestraw Go is a survival water filtration system designed to provide clean drinking water in outdoor or emergency conditions.

The Lifestraw Go 2 stage water filter is a product dedicated to hikers, survivalists, military personnel, and everyone else who might find themselves in the situation of drinking water from a potentially contaminated source.

A sleek and highly functional design makes it a true winner.

Lifestraw Water Bottle Technical Specs

These are the main technical factors to comprise the portable water filtration system:

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The bottle can hold up to 25 ounces (0.74 lts) of water, and the filter purifies it on demand, as you’re drinking. You won’t have to worry about flow, accessories, or complicated assemblies.

Simply fill your the water bottle with untreated water and attach it to your backpack with the included carbine.

Drinking through the mouthpiece is similar to drinking with a straw, and filtration occurs only when you’re drinking, enhancing the filters’ lifespan.

What to Consider Before Buying this Hiking Water Filter

Pollutants removed

2 stage filtration process lifestraw reviewDespite the compact, portable design, the Lifestraw Go 2 stage filtration system removes an impressive range of pollutants.

  • Stage 1:

The first stage consists of the removal of most organic chemical compounds, including dangerous VOCs. Chlorine is also removed during this stage – an important thing if you want to remove chlorine from tap water when you’re not at home.

  • Stage 2:

The second stage traps waterborne bacteria, protozoa, and solid materials with a diameter larger than 0.2 microns. Some of the microorganisms removed include giardia, cryptosporidium, e. coli, but also inorganic compounds such as micro-plastics.


Lifestraw water bottleLike most straw filtration systems, the Go water bottle boasts a two (2) stage filtration executed by an activated carbon filter and a hollow fiber membrane.

While both filters are of high quality, they have very different lifespans. The carbon filter can last up to 3 months or 25 gallons, whichever comes first. The hollow fiber membrane, however, has a lifespan of 1,000 gallons or 5 years.

Since both filters should be changed at the same time, by doing this you will be wasting over four (4) years of lifespan for the membrane filter.

Operation and Maintenance

Simple design means simple operation and maintenance. Once you’ve installed the filters inside the BPA free bottle, simply fill it with untreated water and drink through the mouthpiece. The water will pass through the filter before it reaches your mouth, so you’ll always drink clean water.

Filling up the bottle is much easier that filling up a foldable plastic back; but if you are worried about reducing your weight while hiking, then try the Etekcity Water Filter

Maintenance includes rinsing the filters (backwash) with clean water as soon as possible, to prevent contaminant build-up. It really couldn’t have gotten easier.

Lifestraw Go Review: Final Thoughts

The Go 2 stage water filtration system is an easy-to-use portable water filter to take on all your adventures. It provides on-demand filtration and can remove contaminants from most freshwater sources.

Lab-tested, durable, and BPA-free, the Lifestraw Go is excellently priced and undoubtedly brings real value for money.

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