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APEC WFS 1000 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter Review

The APEC WFS 1000 has been engineered with the idea to provide quality water through a three (3) stage water filtering process.

Free drinking water, the creator of the APEC WFS 1000, designed and assembled this unique three (3) stage under sink water filter for big families.

Let us walk you through this review to discover some key aspects that comprise this filtration system.

APEC WFS 1000 Technical Aspects

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What to Consider before Buying the APEC WFS 1000 Water Filter

Now that you have seen the tech aspects, it is time to check what the filter will do to improve the quality of your tap water.

Pollutants Removed:

As you would expect, this filtration system will be able to remove most of the common contaminants present in municipal water. This means you will have a reduction of:

  • Sediments including rust and dust.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, odor, and most chemicals.

You can also use the APEC WFS 1000 to treat well water due to its three (3) stage filtration process, which will ensure there is a significant reduction of the water hardness.

Filters and Process:

Let’s check a bit more about the filters and how the filtration is done.

  • Stage 1:

This is, lets say, the most important stage; why? it is very important to remove as much sediment (or particles) as possible in order to maintain the filtering efficiency over the next stages.

Particle that can be remove are between 1 μm to 400 μm.

  • Stage 2:

This stage comprises a extruded carbon block (basically activated carbon particles fused into a single block) where organic compounds, chemicals and chlorine.

  • Stage 3:

To ensure the final delivered water is almost 100% clean, the third (3) stage is basically the same as the stage 2. Having a third filter is great if you want to filter water coming from a well (just 1 stage with activated carbon won’t reduce the hardness of the water).

Operation & Maintenance:

  • Installation & Operation

The operation of this filtration system is not complex; you just need to use some tools (plumber Teflon tape and a wrench) to tight the connections.

Even though this is the case, you will have to go through the installation process, which should be not that complex.

The APEC WFS 1000 comes with a lead free chrome faucet that you will need to install in your kitchen. If your kitchen counter does not come with a pre-made hole in it, you might need to drill one in order to install the faucet.

Installation Tip

If you don’t want to drill a hole on your counter’s kitchen to install the included faucet, you could re-adjust the unit by replacing the quick connect fittings with your kitchen hose diameter connections.

If that is so, you will most probably loose the manufacture’s warranty, so be aware of it.

Aside from this part of the installation, you can connect the 1/4″ tubing into the quick connect fittings and that’s it.

  • Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, there is no major work required to ensure the quality of the filtration process. The only thing you will need to keep an eye is the number of months the filters have been operating.

A good way to know if the filter needs changing is if you see a reduction in pressure, water flow or change in the quality of the filtered water. This could mean that one of the filters is getting saturated or blocked.

It is a good idea to change the three (3) filters at the same time to ensure the filtration is efficient.

Keep in mind that the lifespan of the filters will depend on the water quality and how much you use the filtration system.

Lastly, the APEC under sink water filter comes with a “wrench” to remove and install the filters.

APEC WFS 1000 Review: Final Thoughts

It filters out pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals, as well as heavy metals and small particulates.

It doesn’t have a specific gallon rating, but is guaranteed to last one year. This is a relatively low-maintenance system that’s easy to swap out; just unscrew the filter covers, slide on your new filter cartridges, and you’re good to go.

It allows for filtering the two (2) most common water sources (municipal and private wells). In addition, the water pressure delivered by the filter can be a little be low considering the amount of filters the water has to pass through.

Because the APEC 1000 has three (3) filter cartridges, it’s larger than some other under sink water filtration systems. In theory, it will mount under the soap hole on your countertop, but for most kitchens, it will require a bracket mount on the back of the cabinet.

In general, we believe the APEC WFS 1000 3 stage under sink water filter will deliver the water quality you need, however make sure you test the pollutants content of your water before investing on any water filtration system.

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