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Culligan FM 25 Faucet Mount Filter Review

The Culligan FM 25 is small and purely designed to provide tasty water for cooking and drinking.

If you are searching for an effective faucet filter, the Culligan FM 25 is among the top on tap rated water filter models you should consider. It is very easy to install and has a higher filtration capacity as compared to most of its competitors.

In terms of design, the FM 25 is the smallest faucet filter compared to other on tap filters. To give you more detail, check out more details below.

Culligan FM 25 Faucet Mount Filter Technical Aspects

Now, lets get into the technical aspects of this simple filtration system:

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What to Consider before Buying the Culligan FM 25 Faucet Filter

Filters and Pollutants Removed

Culligan faucet water filter has a higher capacity of filtered water as compared to other models. It is able to filter up to 200 gallons of water or you should replace it after 2 months. However, it can last for up to 6 months if you use it well (check the flip side section for more details).FM 25R replacement filter

Knowing the impurities present in your water will help you to determine the right faucet that you should install in your home. Ensure that your water is tested to determine the impurities present before buying.

One of the major selling points of the Culligan FM 25 filter is that it uses an advanced level 3 filtration which enables it to provide the best performance.

Operation & Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the filter is not only easy to maintain but it is also easy to install. Follow this steps during installation:

  1. Remove the aerator from the faucet and keep the gasket safely for future use.
  2. Pick the ideal adapter (by checking and measuring the thread size) and washer for internal threading.
  3. Attach the FM 25 on tap filter to your faucet’s kitchen and rotate the collar to fix it tightly onto the threads of your faucet. Don’t over tight or use pliers to avoid breaking the plastic part.
  4. Open the tap water half way of it and allow the cartridge to flush for about 10 minutes to remove residual carbon fines.

The diverter will automatically change to the non-filtering positions; this means the filter will last longer.

What about the flip sides…

  • Filter replacement:

Seems to be that replacing the filter is not as easy as the manufacturer says. Several other customers already using the FM 25 mount filter stated that it is a pain. This could be as a result of using the same filter longer than recommended.Plastic adapters

  • Filter lifespan indicator:

Unfortunately, this faucet filter does not count with a filter replacement indicator (as the competitor have). Nevertheless, if you see the water flow and taste is changing, it means it’s time to change the filter.

  • Leakages:

There is a chance to have some leakages if you need to use the two (2) plastic adapters that come with the system. Some customers recommend to use metal adapter for better seal.

Culligan FM 25 Faucet Filter Review: Final Thoughts

Great touch from Culligan including the auto switch off system to protect the cartridge when is no need to filter water for other purposes.

This unique and simple filtration system will deliver 200 gallons of water before reducing its filtration quality.

In terms of the filter lifespan, the manufacturer suggestion is to replace the filter after two (2) months of operation; we think this would be variable based on how much you use the filter and the level of contamination of your water.

Installation is simple; you need to follow the manufacture’s instructions in order to get the maximum performance of this filtration system.

With no doubt, the Culligan FM 25 is among the top rated faucet filters you should have in your home (only if your municipal water is not heavily polluted or the water source is not different).

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