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Alkaway Ultrastream Alkaline Water Filter

The Alkaway Ultrastream is a water ionizer, countertop and alkaline water filter that not only purifies but actually improves the properties of your water.

Alkaway Ultrastream Water Filter Review

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Alkaway Ultrastream Technical Aspects

The Alkaway Ultrastream is a powerful countertop and alkaline water filter with lots of positive features. In order to invest wisely, we recommend that you have a look at its technical aspects, qualities and to define that this could be the right countertop water filter for your home:

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Designed in Australia and manufactured in the USA, this exceptional product complies with all safety regulations and comes with a convenient pH reagent test kit, which allows you to verify the characteristics of the water at any moment.

Super easy to attach to your faucet (please check the flip side section), this system was developed specifically for improving the quality of tap water.

Not yet clear on what you should do with this water ionizer filter? Lets jump into the review to clear our minds.

What to Consider before Buying this Alkaline Water Filter

Filters and Pollutants Removed

This countertop water filtration system is capable of removing:

  • 98% of heavy metals including but not limited to mercury, lead, zinc, cadmium, Cr6 and cooper.
  • 99% of herbicides & pesticides.
  • 99% of microorganisms, chloramine and chlorine.
  • 78% of fluoride.

Alkaway Ultrastream alkaline water filter - ACWTo make it more appealing, the Ultrastream water filter can add important minerals (such as magnesium and calcium) that your body needs and also balances the pH of the water.

The filtration process is completed just through one cartridge that contains eight (8) elements including:

  • Filter pads (between each media) to remove any particles and sediments footing in the water.
  • Activated and catalytic carbon (GAC & COT) to remove organic, inorganic compounds (e.g, VOC) and odor.
  • KDF-85 to remove heavy metals.
  • Activated alumina to reduce fluoride.
  • Magnetic field (generated by two ceramic magnets) to stabilize the pH of the water.
  • Tourmaline to introduce infra red energy. It also softens the water.
  • O-Dobi beads to alkalize the water you drink and lastly,
  • Crystal quartz to soften the water just before getting into your glass.

Operation & Maintenance

In reality, there is not much we can say about how to operate or maintain this countertop water filter.

As you can see, it is very simple to install, you just need to replace the tap aerator and install the flow diverter that comes with the Alkaway Ultrastream benchtop water filter.

….however, we can say that Alkaway brand has designed this filter to last for up to twelve (12) months or 3000 liters, but as to all water filters types including under sink, portable, faucet or any other type available in the market, the lifespan will be variable depending on the quality of the water you are filtering.

Ultrastream water filter - under sink version…more features;

Another interesting feature of the Ultrastream water filter is the fact that you can install it under your sink if you count with limited space. The only thing you need to do is to ask your supplier to offer the under sink version and they will help you out with the parts you need.

Off-course, you will have to pay extra money for the upgraded version!

….The Flip Side

  • Aside from being great at adding important minerals, pH stabilization and ionization, this filter could have issues at the moment of installation. Looks like the water tap attachment was not designed to fit all the possible faucets. We recommend you ask your provider to clarify if your faucet aerator will be the right one for this filter.

To make it easier for you, the faucet diverter was designed for 21 mm and 23 mm (13/16″ and 15/16″) both male and female. If none of these ones is the correct for you, then you may be able to get other sizes.

  • The inlet hose diameter is a bit small compared to the actual faucet diameter. This will translate into a reduction of the water flow delivered by the filtration system. Nevertheless, it is not a big problem.

Alkaway Ultrastream: Final Thoughts

Its new generation filtration system reduces the most harmful contaminants such as fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramines; at the same time, it adds beneficial alkaline minerals, ions, and molecular hydrogen to water, boosting its overall taste.

The cartridges have a lifespan of about 792 gallons, or approximately a year (12 months) for a small household, and are easy to change. Furthermore, the system can also be mounted under the sink if you want to save your countertop space.

The installation, operation and maintenance of the Ultrastream water filter is very simple, making it a great choice, however it is known that there could be some issues with the compatibility of the tap diverter and some faucet designs.

Despite of the positives and potential improvement this countertop water filter has unfolded over this review, we think the Alkaway Ultrastream alkaline water filter is a good alternative for small families, small kitchens and where the water source is not heavily impacted by too many contaminants.

Images courtesy of Alkaway.

Is Alkaway a good water filter?

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