Water Filter Buying Guides

Buying the right water filtration system could be complex for first timers or even experience people. Have a look to these guides and learn what to consider before buying a water filter for your home, office or travels.

Water Filter Faucet Guide 2019 - ACW

Water Filter Faucet Guides

If you need more than a few gallons of filtered water a day, a water filter faucet comes as a great alternative to a pitcher. This type of filter fits directly onto your sink’s faucet, boasts quick and easy installation, and needs little maintenance. A good tap water filter will ...
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Countertop Water Filters

Best Countertop Water Filters

The best countertop water filter can provide with quality water for your home. Before starting shopping though, it’s worth considering what are the best countertop water filters available in 2019 so that you know exactly what you are looking to remove from your water. It may be a foul odor, ...
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Under-Sink Water Filter

Under Sink Water Filters

Looking for under sink water filter reviews & Guides? You’re not alone. This is what is best for 2019. The under sink water filter technology is as old as the Egyptians, but it’s been seeing a resurgence lately. Recent events like the Flint water crisis have made people more aware ...
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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Guides

Drinking pure water is paramount for your health, and an easy way to stay on the safe side is to purify tap water yourself with a reverse osmosis water filter. Getting a reverse osmosis water filter is often a challenge though. The contaminants you want to remove from water determine ...
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Portable Water Filter Guide and Reviews

Portable Water Filter Guide

If you are planning a trip into the great outdoors, investing in a portable water filter for travel could be ideal. But which one should you use? Clean water is a basic essential. Experts suggest that we should be drinking at least two liters a day, and more in hot ...
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Water Filter Pitcher Reviews & Guides

Water Filter Pitcher Guides

Are you concerned about the water quality in your area? The easiest way to make sure that what you consume is clean and safe to drink is by filtering it yourself with a water filter pitcher. This type of filter looks just like a regular jug, and from all domestic ...
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